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June 23, 2006

Loea Issued Second Patent on Cellular Backhaul Using State-of-the-art Millimeter-wave Radios

Honolulu, Hawaii – Loea Corporation, an industry leader in high-speed, high-bandwidth wireless communications, announced today its second patent for cellular backhaul using the millimeter-wave spectrum.   

Loea’s Patents Nos. 6,741,800 and 7,062,293 cover cellular communication systems in which groups of cellular base stations communicate with a communications office via a wireless millimeter-wave trunk line.    Most of the more than 175,000 cellular base stations in the United States currently use T1 or DS3 lines for their backhaul to the central office.  These lines may not provide sufficient bandwidth in more advanced wireless communication systems.

The millimeter wave transceivers at the base stations operating at frequencies greater than 60 GHz (corresponding to wavelengths shorter than 5 millimeters) will be equipped with antennas providing very narrow beams so that an almost unlimited number of transceivers will be able to simultaneously use the same millimeter wave spectrum. Cellular systems such as cellular telephone systems typically operate at frequencies lower than 3 GHz (corresponding to wavelengths longer than 10 centimeters) and in these systems the low frequency bandwidth is efficiently utilized over and over again by dividing a territory into small cells and using low power antennas. Loea’s radios can be prepackaged with cellular base station equipment for quick and easy installation at convenient locations such as the tops of commercial buildings.

“Loea pioneered the use of millimeter-wave frequencies for high data rate, last-mile access applications.  With the protection provided by these recently issued patents, we are in a position to take the lead in the utilization of millimeter-wave radios in the large cellular backhaul market,” said Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (Ret), Chairman and CEO of Loea Corporation.  “We have received our first orders for integration of our transceivers with other wireless systems allowing service providers to deploy their next-generation wireless systems quickly and efficiently without the need to lay cable or optical fibers.  Loea transceivers offer data rates of up to 1.25 gigabits per second, which will provide sufficient bandwidth for next-generation wireless backhaul including 3G/4G wireless systems, WiMAX and other advanced protocols.”

About Loea
Loea Corporation is the market leader in wireless communications in the 71.0-86.0 GHz bands.  Loea was the first to develop wireless, point-to-point communications products to operate at such frequency.  Loea successfully petitioned the FCC to gain access to this spectrum for commercial use in 2001 and was first to receive commercial FCC approval in July 2005.  Loea is currently the world’s only supplier of   FCC-certified radios operating in both the 71.0-76.0 and 81.0-86.0 GHz frequency bands.   For more information, go to


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