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June 23, 2006

Sago Showcases its Suicide Bomber Detection Unit

(Miami, Florida)  Sago Systems, Inc. today unveiled its ST 150 system specifically designed to detect suicide bombs carried on people.  The patented imager is radiation-free, portable, and produces high-quality imagery revealing the exact location of the weapon and its size.  Sago’s ST150 unit “sees” through clothing providing authorities instant information critical in helping to prevent terrorist attacks. 

“We have worked closely with our customers to create products that provide a solution while being easy to use for security personnel,” said Dr. John Lovberg, President and CEO, Sago Systems, Inc.   “We are aggressively rolling out our products. Our systems are completely safe, imaging only the objects blocking the body’s natural heat.

“Suicide bombers remain a pervasive threat throughout the world and our goal is to identify these individuals and prevent their unconscionable acts,” said Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (Ret), Chairman of Sago Systems, Inc.  “Our ST 150 systems are a powerful asset in preventing suicide bombings.”

About Sago Systems’ ST 150
The ST150 is a stand-alone passive millimeter-wave imager designed for outdoor perimeter and check-point security.  The unit can be camouflaged to provide covert screening at a distance or it can be located at a checkpoint. Security personnel can be situated at a safe distance immediately viewing the images from a command center over a standard wi-fi interface to a laptop computer.  Our systems have been tested and evaluated by the US and foreign governments. Customers can enhance their ST150 units with the option of infrared fusion.

About Sago Systems, Inc.
Sago Systems develops, manufactures, and markets passive millimeter-wave imaging systems for security applications, and is headquartered in San Diego, California.  Sago is a subsidiary of Trex Enterprises Corporation. For more information log on at


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