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October 31, 2006

Loea Launches New Gig-E Radio Capable of
Long Range Transmission

(Honolulu, Hawaii)  Loea Corporation today unveiled its newest product, the L2800 radio, a wireless long-range easy-to-deploy link capable of being aligned within minutes. Loea’s new FCC certified radios transmit more power, more receiver sensitivity, incorporates the flexibility of an on-board base-band processor module and maintains a smaller footprint.  Loea is a pioneer in millimeter-wave imaging and led the nation to commercially operate in the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz range.  

Loea’s patented L2800 is available for sale now and is deployed today in Santa Fe, New Mexico providing video, data and voice radio transmission at a distance of 4.7 miles.  The L2800 link is being used as a primary communications link and was chosen over fiber for its value-added price and its ability to be effective for emergency communications. The links transfer up to 1.25Gbps of information (equivalent to over 650 T-1 lines).

“The L2800 is the next step in a plan of continuous product advances made possible by our experienced team of millimeter-wave engineers,” said Admiral Tom Fargo, USN (ret), Chairman and CEO of Loea Corporation.  “In addition to our technical superiority, we have driven down costs to ensure our customers will have the best valued products. Loea links provide an alternate to fiber when cost, convenience, geography or emergency requirements dictate a wireless solution.”

As a result of a new method discovered by Loea scientists, the L2800 can be aligned within a few minutes while overall installation of the system typically takes less than an hour.  The Loea 2800 has a state-of-the-art control board capable of monitoring an entire network of radios through its out of band channel.  All of Loea’s products penetrate fog, heavy rain, dust storms and volcanic ash. 

Loea’s Other Products & Loea Corporation   
The L2800 is a third generation Loea product. The Loea 2500 is still available for sale and is excellent for short distances of up to 2 miles. In June 2006, Loea was granted its second patent for cellular backhaul and is the only company capable to fill this need using wireless millimeter-wave radios. Loea was established in May 2001 and is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with affiliate offices across the nation. Loea is a spin-out of Trex Enterprises Corporation where more than two decades of research & development in millimeter-wave imaging occurred. For more information on Loea log on at or about Trex,



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