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December 12, 2006

Sago Systems Announces Initial Sales of Leading-edge Security Handheld Imager

(San Diego, CA -- Dec. 12, 2006)  Sago Systems, Inc. today announced the initial sales of its aPatTM, a recently introduced handheld personnel screening tool for the detection of concealed weapons and explosives.  The units have been purchased by a Japan-based media company for high level entry control.  Sago’s passive millimeter-wave/thermal imaging products capture concealed weapons, explosives and other threats in primary, secondary and stand-off screening applications.

Sago is pleased to also announce its full body imager, iPatTM,  has recently completed and passed rigorous location and identification testing on a variety of explosive threats. The tests took place in cooperation with a leading security equipment provider. The iPatTM is Sago’s newest product, unveiled in September during the ASIS security show in San Diego. The aPatTM and iPatTM do not radiate X-rays or microwaves at any level. Both products are designed to provide primary or secondary screening in high security applications such as airline passenger screening or access control.  They image a person’s natural body heat to detect the presence of hidden threats such as explosives, liquids, guns, and knives.

“We have matured our products and believe they are the right solution for personnel screening.  They are passive and safe, providing the necessary resolution for threat detections, and are unmatched in terms of price and performance,” said Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (ret), Chairman of Sago Systems, Inc.

Sago Systems’ aPatTM and iPatTM security systems are receiving worldwide attention. This week upon request, the products are being demonstrated at Sago’s corporate headquarters during a live Webcast to European government agencies, airports and private companies interested in Sago’s ability to provide high-quality images without compromising privacy while providing a safe product.

 iPatTM Suicide vest Detection


iPatTM Gun Detection
iPatTM full body imager aPatTM handheld imager


“Sago’s products are passive and work much like infrared cameras in sensing heat that is naturally emitted from the body.  Unlike infrared cameras, however, our systems operate in a portion of the heat spectrum that passes unimpeded through clothing to reveal hidden contraband,” said Dr. John Lovberg, President and CEO of Sago Systems, Inc .  

About the aPatTM 
The aPat™ is easy to use and requires no special training or installation.  It is battery operated and works indoors and outdoors, day and night.  It is wireless-enabled and can store images automatically to a central server for audit purposes.  Threat images are shown on an integrated full color, 800 x 480-pixel, 5” LCD.

About the iPatTM
The iPatÔ handheld system provides thermal images of the body using a part of the spectrum that allows concealed objects to be identified through clothing. The result is a non-intrusive solution to security screening. The iPatÔ images inherently respect personal privacy, as the resulting thermal images cannot and do not show anatomical details.  This technology obviates the current intrusive pat-downs and increases the level of confidence in the security screening process. The iPatÔ does not radiate x-rays or microwaves at any level.

About Sago Systems, Inc.
Sago Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of Trex Enterprises Corporation, is a pioneer of passive millimeter wave imaging technology. Sago is headquartered in San Diego, California. Sago develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art passive millimeter-wave imaging systems for security applications. Sago’s patented cameras detect and image contraband such as suicide vests, plastic explosives, knives and ceramic guns. Sago’s products are affordable, non-invasive (emitting absolutely no radiation) and interoperable with existing security systems and infrastructures.


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