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March 15, 2007

Sago Systems' Products Provide State-of-the-art Security Screning Without Compromising Privacy

Sales Increase with focus on Health

(San Diego, California, USA)   Sago Systems, Inc. today announced its first international sales to Australia.  The Company’s passive millimeter-wave security products ranging from the hand-held weapons and explosives detector, aPatTM, to a whole-body, walk-up imager, iPatTM, have attracted international attention because they meet the requirements of public health and privacy. 

“Nationally and internationally there is a focus on whether passengers or passersby are being radiated, and for some that’s a legitimate concern that has contributed to our sales volume in recent months,” said Sago’s CEO and President Dr. John Lovberg.  “We do not emit any radiation—either ionizing or non-ionizing.  Our systems are looking at whatever is blocking the body’s natural heat, without compromising privacy.”

Sago System’s sales and inquiries have spanned the globe, with recent activity in Australia, Greece, Europe and the United States.  The U.S. Commerce Department has given Sago Systems worldwide export approval except for a handful of countries.

“High interest has been shown by major infrastructure players at airports, prisons and government agencies after presentations,” explained Australian Distributor Bill Nolan, Zone Products Managing Director.  “Test programs with these operators are being entered into to define how they will meet the customer’s stringent performance requirements.  After these tests, the users will then know the configuration and model of the Sago products and be able to purchase with full confidence this new technology.  Interest is very high amongst infrastructure operators for this staff friendly and safe solution.  Performance, and just as importantly, the occupational safety for users and subjects has really grabbed the imagination of the customers."

All of Sago’s patented products are designed to detect dangerous contraband ranging from weapons to improvised explosive materials carried on individuals.  Sago’s patented imagers are radiation-free and affordable, and produce high-quality imagery revealing the exact location of the threat as well as its size and shape.

“Passive millimeter-wave technology has matured where it provides the same functionality as backscatter X-Ray without the issues of privacy or radiation,”   said Admiral Tom Fargo, USN (Ret), Chairman of Sago Systems, Inc.  “We are proud to provide a security solution that meets the needs of the customer.”

The iPat full-body imager and handheld aPat detect and image objects concealed beneath clothing, providing authorities instant information critical in helping to prevent terrorist attacks.  All of Sago’s products detect and image metallic and non-metallic guns, knives, containers with fluids, improvised explosive devices, suicide bombs and other potential threats. The iPat was specially designed to meet the requirements of security checkpoints within airports, courthouses, cruise ships, embassies, and national landmarks.

About Sago Systems, Inc.

Sago Systems develops, manufactures, and markets passive millimeter-wave imaging systems for security applications, and is headquartered in San Diego, California.  Sago is a subsidiary of Trex Enterprises Corporation. For more information log on at or



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