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August 9, 2007

Loea Introduces New "Any Rate" Fiberless Access™ Communications Link

Honolulu, Hawaii-- Loea Corporation, a global leader in the deployment of high speed point-to-point wireless systems that operate in the 71-76 and 81-86 GHz licensed bands, today announced release of its newest product, the L1000.  Loea’s L1000 radio system is capable of transporting any Sonet (e.g. OC-3, OC-12), IP (e.g. Gigabit Ethernet) or other standard or proprietary data rates between 125 Megabits per second and 1.5 Gigabits per second without requiring a change in hardware or software.   The L1000 has a small footprint and form factor which provides more mounting options than any product available in its class, thereby reducing installation time and cost.

This is a significant technical break-through for Loea and it allows us to readily adjust to our customer bandwidth requirement needs,” said Admiral Tom Fargo, USN (Ret.), Chairman and CEO of Loea Corporation.   “I am really proud of our engineers. It is a new concept from both the standpoint of any rate data and a completely new design, and we won’t stop here.”

The L1000 is the third new product introduced this year for the Company.   Loea’s products provide an alternative to terrestrial fiber by using E-Band wireless millimeter-wave technology.  This emerging technology reduces bandwidth costs, mitigates right-of-way issues, and extends bandwidth reach to underserved markets.

We designed the L1000 to be a one-size fits-all communication transport system,” said Eduardo Tinoco, Vice President of Product and Business Development for Loea Corporation.  “Its sleek design utilizes a new antenna, weighs just 12 pounds, and doesn’t require elaborate and expensive mounting gear.   This design opens up many more locations for deployment which will make fiber-like capacity available to more customers at a much lower cost.”

The L1000,, as with all of Loea’s products, interoperates with commercial off-the-shelf switches, routers and encryption devices.  Loea’s products utilize simplified network management protocol (SNMP) for remote link monitoring.   While Loea’s other products, the L2500, L2700 and L2800 use a two foot antenna, the L1000 is designed as an integral, compact package using a ten inch lens.  The list price for the L1000 is set at $24,000 U.S.

Loea’s E-Band Wireless products operate in the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz millimeter wave bands.  Loea’s current products, the L2500, L2700, L2800 and now the L1000, allow full duplex data rates up to 1.5 Gigabits per second with 99.999% weather availability at distances greater than 1 km.  In addition to standard gigabit Ethernet, Loea’s products support protocols used for Distributed Antenna System transport, uncompressed High Definition Television feed, and other proprietary systems.  Loea’s products can be used for Enterprise Connectivity, Cellular and Wi-Max/WiFi Backhaul, Remote Data Storage, First Responder Communications, and other applications where they provide a low cost alternative or backup to fiber optic connections.

About Loea Corporation
Loea was the first company to develop wireless, point-to-point communications technology to operate in the E-Band millimeter wave spectrum from 71.0 to 86.0 GHz.  Loea successfully petitioned the FCC to gain access to this spectrum for commercial use in 2001 and was first to receive commercial FCC approval in July 2005.  Loea has extensive patent coverage for applications of E-Band Wireless communications, including its use for backhaul between cellular towers supporting wireless telephone, internet and other services.  For more information visit



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