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February 21, 2011

 Loea Corporation Unveils itsL220–First OC48 Wireless Communications Product on the Market

Completed & Passed All Telecom Field Tests 

(San Diego, CA) Loea Corporation today unveiled the L2240, an OC48 product, after passing intensive field tests demonstrating its capability of transmitting 2.488 Gbps. The Layer-1 L2240 product transmits data at distances up to five miles with line-of-sight. The Loea designed and manufactured L2240 product is equivalent to 2 Gig or double the capacity of standard Gig E Ethernet.

loea radio

Loea’s 2240/OC48 Available to Purchase Now

“Our development of the L2240 was driven by our customers’ needs and the growth of the industry as there are more requirements for greater capacity at immediate speeds,” said Brent Perkins, Director of Manufacturing, Loea Corporation. “We are extremely pleased with the performance of our L2240 unit and the addition of this product to our suite of wireless systems.” The L2240 is the third product Loea Corporation currently has available for purchase. “Loea Corporation continues to dominate the market with its capability to create products ahead of their time and address demands immediately by providing solutions to the industry and government, ” said ADM Richard Macke, USN (Ret), HP Enterprise Services and a current customer of Loea Corporation. All of Loea’s products are licensed in the 71-76 GHz to 81-86 GHz E-band of the millimeter wave spectrum and are highly reliable with 99.999% weather availability in most regions. The L2710 and L1000 products are deployed across the United States including at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii for HP Services (formerly known as EDS). Loea’s FCC certified L1000 is compact and convenient for distances of a mile or less. It has multi-rate capability and transports 45Mbps to 1.5Gbps without requiring a change in hardware or software. The L2710 product is designed for distances up to 3 miles and is protocol agnostic. The Layer-1 L2710 also transmits 45Mpbs to 1.5Gbps. The L2710 and L2240 have a 2-foot dish and easy-to-align scope.Loea is a subsidiary of Trex Enterprises Corporation. Loea maintains operations in San Diego, Honolulu, New Mexico, and West Hatfield, MA. For more information log on at For sales information call 858-437-2677. Media information or interviews call 808-221-3552.

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