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Millimeter-Wave Platform
Trex’s millimeter-wave imaging activities began in 1990 as an aviation support system.  After 15 years of research and development, we have made ground breaking real-time video-rate passive millimeter-wave imaging systems.  Our patented technology allows us to produce the highest sensitivity and resolution in relationship to system cost.   These developments have fueled our government programs in aviation systems, anti-terrorism, force protection and advanced radio frequency communications. These developments have also enabled us to create two of our commercial spin-offs.  Our Sago Systems subsidiary pursues commercial applications of our passive millimeter-wave imaging technology for security applications. Our subsidiary uses our novel component technology to create the first high data-rate wireless communication systems operating in the millimeter-wave frequency band.

Optical Imaging Platform
The origins of Trex Enterprises were in high power lasers and complex optical control systems for the Department of Energy and Department of Defense.  During the 1980s, Trex developed the world’s most powerful laser, the most complicated adaptive optic systems, the world’s fastest digital signal processor and various laser radar systems. Our optical imaging capabilities enabled many of our current government contracts activities in fields such as adaptive optics, stellar imaging, laser radar and laser communications.   Our optical imaging platform also formed the basis for the creation of two commercial spin-offs.  For our CrossFiber subsidiary, our unique approach to adaptive optics was the key inspiration to their enabling technology.

Sensors Platform
Using our high resolution imaging capabilities as a base, we initially created our sensors technology for medical imaging applications.  We developed our patented Photoconductor on Active Pixel (POAP™) technology to provide the highest sensitivity and resolution for a given cost and still allow us to realize the power consumption and readout benefits of complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) imaging (POAP™).  We have expanded the POAP™ sensor technology from x-ray detection to the visible and further into the near infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum.  This platform also enabled us to spin-out our e-Phocus subsidiary. We are now expanding our sensors platform to technology based on many applications of porous silicon. This technology enabled us to create our Silicon Kinetics subsidiary.

Advanced Materials Platform
We have also created patented chemical vapor composites technology that allows us to create Silicon Carbide materials with extreme strength, lightweight and very high temperature resistance.  Our work focuses on the development of products such as large and lightweight mirrors and unusually shaped parts for demanding environments like semiconductor manufacturing.

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