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Loea Corporation is the industry leader in the 70/80 GHz communications space. Loea has achieved many milestones including:

  • Initiation of rulemaking process at the FCC in 2001 (rules became law in 2005).
  • First to receive NTIA equipment certification for US Federal Government users.
  • First to deploy a product in 2002.
  • First to achieve FCC equipment certification in July 2005.
  • First to deploy a FCC certified product in November 2005.

Loea’s standard product transfers 1.25 gigabits per seconds (full-duplex).  The product operates in nearly all weather conditions including; fog, clouds, dust, snow and rain.  Based upon commonly accepted rain statistics, the system will operate with 99.999% availability anywhere in the continental United States at link distances of 1km.

Current users of Loea’s products include:  The Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other Federal agencies.  Loea’s products are also being used and evaluated by State and Municipal governments, cellular providers and service providers.  Ideal applications for Loea’s product include last mile access, local loop infrastructure and wireless backhaul for Wi-Max, Wi-Fi and next generation cellular. Loea is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii with affiliate offices in San Diego, CA, Maui, HI, and West Hatfield, MA.  


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