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Sago Systems, Inc. develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art passive millimeter-wave imaging systems for security applications. Our proprietary cameras detect and image contraband not located with conventional metal detectors. With our patented cameras, we have successfully imaged such contraband as suicide vests, plastic explosives, knives and ceramic guns.  Our products are affordable, non-invasive (absolutely no radiation) and interoperable with existing security systems and infrastructures.  For some applications, we can deploy a stand-off detection unit as a covert contraband detection system.  Our products are covered by existing patents and patent applications.

Sago ST-150, is a stand-off detector that can be deployed at mobile checkpoints, building entrances, as a perimeter security device or as a covert contraband detection system. Several U.S. government customers have purchased the systems to determine its optimal use. The ST-150 is designed for mobility. It is lightweight and rapidly sends data to a remote command center or the operator can be within feet of the group or person being imaged. The ST-150 is user-friendly and ready to be in the hands of today's soldiers or placed in a commercial setting.

Portal & Hand-held
We are also developing portal walk-through systems and hand-held devices for personnel screening where imager stand-off is not required. Our portal and hand-held systems will complement today's airport security systems.

Our products strive to meet the key requirements for effective deployment of concealed contraband detection systems:

1. Broad detection capability – detection of a broader range of contraband than metal detectors can detect today. Our portal screener will detect non-metal as well as metal contraband;

2.  Non-invasive  – safe imaging and detection that does not involve ionizing or other radiation, thereby minimizing both perceived and real health risks, including risk to people who wear pacemakers and allowing for ubiquitous screening. Similar to an infrared camera, our portal screener is entirely passive.

3.  Affordability – permits for broad adoption of our state-of-the-art millimeter-wave imaging systems at airports and other sensitive locations based on total cost of ownership and operation:

4.  Interoperability  – the ability to incorporate our systems into existing infrastructures and screening methods within a short period of time. Our handheld screening product will function much like current metal detector wands.

Sago Systems, Inc. is headquartered in San Diego, California with an affiliate office in Honolulu, Hawaii. For more information call: 1-800-626-5885.





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