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Hazard Avoidance

Trex Enterprises is developing sophisticated yet user-friendly millimeter-wave aviation systems to address the problem of landing helicopters and aircraft in fog, dust, and haze.  Our cameras allow pilots to detect obstacles, not visible with a naked eye, in a flight path.   We have tested our aviation systems in various locations and continue to perform flight tests under a U.S. government funded contract.  Our objective is to provide a safer field-of-view for our military personnel and commercial pilots.

Our passive millimeter-wave technology measures incident radiation from 24,000 distinct directions instantaneously.  Our signal is the natural radio frequency emitted by the environment.  Because our systems measures millimeter-wave radiation by frequency (elevation) and phase (azimuth), an active version of the system provides a strong platform for a radar system.  Such a system has strong properties for radar systems, including a phased array antenna, wide field of view and high resolution. 

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