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Trex Enterprises' subsidiary, Sago Systems, Inc., develops, manufactures and sells state-of-the-art passive millimeter-wave imaging systems for security applications. We have successfully imaged such contraband as suicide vests, plastic explosives and ceramic guns and knives. Our systems are affordable, non-invasive and operate with existing security systems and infrastructure. Our products are protected by existing patents and subsequent applications.

  • Provides real-time stand-off detection of concealed weapons and contraband
  • Totally passive operation
  • No health and safety issues
  • Heat emitted from human body at millimeter-wave penetrates clothing, but is blocked by concealed weapon or contraband
  • Size, shape, and directional discrimination
  • Clutter-free images
  • Metallic and non-metallic article detection
  • Explosives (suicide bomber) detection
  • Wide area surveillance capability
  • Stand-off capability
Concealed Weapons
  Visible and Millimeter-wave Images of Taurus9mm Gun Concealed Under Shirt  

Sago™ ST-150, is a stand-off detector that can be deployed at mobile checkpoints, building entrances, as a perimeter security device or as a covert contraband detection system. Designed for mobility, the system is lightweight, battery-powered and communicates at a safe stand-off distance over standard wi-fi interfaces to a laptop computer. The acquisition time of images is about two seconds. Our other systems include portals, handheld devices and real-time imagers for personnel screening.

Advantages Over Other Millimeter-wave Products

  • Operates with safe stand-off distance
  • Lightweight / portable
  • Low cost
  • Provides clear images of concealed weapons
  • Totally passive – safe to user and subjects
  • Rugged
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