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Small Aperture Tracking

To meet various anti-terrorism and force protection needs of the government, Trex Enterprises is developing several small aperture optical systems based on a rapidly steerable small lightweight mirror which allows for searching large areas while tracking with high accuracy.

Rapid Target Acquisition and Tracking System (RTATS)
The RTATS system was designed to handle multiple rocket, mortar, and artillery targets plus provide three dimensional tracking data to return fire weapons systems.

Potential Applications

  • Soldier protection system
  • Wide-angle surveillance from elevated/airborne platforms
Tripod Mounted RTATS System for
Field Measurement

Fast InfraRed Sniper Tracker (FIRST)

The FIRST was developed in response to a need to detect snipers. Our proprietary technology has demonstrated its ability to track a variety of small arms fire.


  • Bullet detected in flight, no muzzle flash signature required
  • Minimize false alarm using MTI feature
  • Fast detection (~200 msec) over wide field-of-regard
  • Bullet detection and tracking at ranges of up to 1 km
  • Back projection to precise shooter location

At first of movie we are observing a 50 caliber bullet at left of screen. The FIRST system then begins to track the bullet at center of frame. The bullet is then bore-sighted with a laser range finder. At that time the bullet is illuminated with the laser to generate 3-d tracking.

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